Cosmetic ear surgery is a procedure to reshape the ear and give it a more normal appearance. The procedure often treats ears that are too large or protrude from the head.

It is usually performed on both ears so they appear symmetrical. The surgery is done on adults under local anesthesia. It may also be performed using general anesthesia for others and for children.

The procedure involves cutting the back side of the outer ear shell. The ear shell cartilage is then weakened so that it can be folded and stays in its proper position. Sometimes excess skin or cartilage is removed.

After surgery, head bandages are applied. When these dressings are removed, the patient must wear a headband during sleep for a few weeks to keep from pulling out stitches.

The patient is usually able to leave the hospital and recuperate at home or in a nearby hotel. Infection is rare and typically handled with antibiotics. Other possible complications include bleeding, small irregularities, visible scars, asymmetry, and temporal sensibility loss.

After several weeks, swelling and bruising gradually go away.

Price: 650/450 EUR GBP
Surgery price does not include anaesthesia, postoperative care, compression band.