RegenACR blood plasma (PRP) treatment

RegenACR – is a cosmetic aesthetic procedure enhancing skin regeneration through collagen and elastin production, delaying ageing process. RegenARC is a totally natural and biocompatible product; using this method of skin rejuvenation, patients avoid risks of intolerance, allergy or other immunological reactions.

During a procedure a doctor collects patient’s blood and places it in a special centrifuge (for 5-10 min), where blood plasma (PRP - Platelet-Rich Plasma) is separated from red blood components. The obtained PRP is injected into problem areas. Platelets of injected plasma produce growth factors which stimulate different skin regeneration reactions. It is important to mention, that every human blood contains different amount of platelets; the bigger amount of platelets is in blood, the more obvious and visible are procedure results.

Regen plasma (PRP) is used as a dermal filler (for treatment of wrinkles and folds) and for mesotherapy as well. One procedure can include correction of deeper face, neck and décolletage wrinkles, correction of hand, belly, buttock, leg skin. When platelet-rich plasma is injected into the dermis, it stimulates skin regeneration, revitalization, delays ageing processes. This procedure also suits for baldness treatment (alopecia), as strengthening hair roots, stimulates its growth, for acne treatment, and is also effective for reducing cellulites.

There are three different types of RegenACR:

1. RegenACR Classic is used for skin injections, mesotherapy and intradermal biostimulation. This type of RegenACR is suitable for small problem areas;
2. RegenACR Extra – is used for skin injections, mesotherapy and intradermal biostimulation as well, but suits for large problem areas;
3. RegenACR Plus is suitable for filling wrinkles and folds, for improving the state of large skin areas, for injections, mesotherapy, and intradermal biostimulation.

RegenACR is a quick (takes 45-60 min.) and easy procedure performed under topical anesthesia. It is repeated after 3-4 weeks, later performed once a year. Redness and swelling are expected for 12-24 hours following the procedure, bruising may remain for 2-3 days. The procedure results become visible after three weeks and the maximum effect remaining the whole year is seen after two months.

Price: 300/400/550 GBP