Aesthetic procedures

Smooth skin and radiant face – every woman’s desire!

Hyaluronic acid injections are used to correct wrinkles and perform facial contouring, hand and décolletage rejuvenation procedures and to add volume and youthfulness to the lips.

Botulin toxin injections not only serve to prevent wrinkle formation but also successfully help to reduce sweating and suppress migraine pain.

Platelet rich plasma injections, chemical peel of the face and the needle roller (Derma Roller) therapy encourage facial cell regeneration as well as collagen and elastin production.

Botulinum toxin for wrinkles
Treatment of hyperhydrosis
Hyaluronic acid for wrinkles
Hialuronic acid for lip augmentation
RegenACR blood plasma (PRP) treatment
DermaRoller therapy
Chemical peeling Filorga
Hand rejuvenation procedures