Total costs on surgery are estimated by adding costs of the surgery procedure, anaesthesia, postoperative care/per hospital day, compression clothing; in breast enlargement surgery – the cost of implants is added.

Face surgery
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

1500-1750 EUR
2150 EUR
1200-1400 EUR
1600-1700 EUR

ENT surgery
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

700 EUR
from 565 EUR
800-900 EUR

Hand surgery
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Aponeurectomy (Dupuytren’s contracture)
from 290 EUR
Carpal tunnel decompression
from 145 EUR
Ganglion removal
145 EUR
Surgical treatment of trigger digits
from 145 EUR

Cosmetic genital surgery
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Other surgeries
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Surgical treatment of superficial benign tumors
Surgical scar treatment
Belly button correction
Lipomas (benign fatty tumors) removal
Treatment of plantar fibromatosis
Surgical removal of haemorrhoids
Torn earlobe correction (one ear/ both ears)
Surgical removal of piercing

Other aesthetic procedures
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Scar healing by Kenalog injections
60 EUR

Botulinum toxin injections Vistabel® (Botox®)/Dysport®
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Treatment of palmar hyperhydrosis
Treatment of plantar hyperhydrosis
Migraine treatment

Hyaluronic acid injections Surgiderm®/ Juvederm® Ultra/ Restylane®/ Teosyal®
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

280/500 EUR
Face contouring

Other services
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Primary plastic surgeon’s consultation
20-30 EUR
Skype consultation
Additional surgeon’s consultation before surgery and postoperative visits
Otorhinolaryngologist’s, urologist’s, proctologist's, pediatric surgeon's, vascular surgeon’s, orthopaedist traumatologist’s, rheumatologist's consultation
30 EUR
Anesthesiologist’s consultation before surgery
15 EUR
Visual endoscopic examination
50 EUR
Histological examination
40 EUR
All necessary medicine and dressings after general anesthesia

Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Local anaesthesia
15 EUR
Endotracheal general anaesthesia (depending on duration)
from 350 EUR
Intravenous anaesthesia (up to 1 hour)
from 145 EUR
Intravenous anaesthesia (procedural)
from 90 EUR
Epidural anaesthesia
from 235 EUR
Spinal anaesthesia
from 235 EUR
Additional hour of anaesthesia
80 EUR

Postoperative care
Price, EUR (VAT excl.)

Postoperative care (up to 2 hours)
50 EUR
Postoperative care (2-24 hours)
115 EUR

- For patients’ convenience, necessary blood tests are carried out in the clinic.

- The exact price of specific treatment is indicated during the consultation with the doctor. If the volume of treatment is higher, costs may be adjusted. When several surgical operations are carried out together, discounts are applied. If the surgery is performed at weekends or holiday time, the rate of 1.3 is applied. 

- In accordance with the commentary on article 20 of the Republic of Lithuania law on VAT, in the absence of medical indications, procedures are taxed with VAT.  Whether VAT (21%) is added to the denoted price or not, doctors decide during a consultation.