About us

In this overwhelming flow of time and information overload, for a sole person it is difficult to make a right and independent decision.

Our clinic gives you objective reasons to choose specialists of “The Aesthetic surgery centre”:

– Services are provided by top-level specialists. Dr. Martynas Norkus has a great experience gained through his practice as well as though constant training courses in the most advanced countries in plastic surgery (the USA, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and others). Giedrius Gylys is one of the best ENT surgeon’s in Lithuania who is capable of performing the most difficult nose, ear and throat surgeries. 

– Be sure the Aesthetic surgery centre always prefers maximum safety while dealing with their patients. We always give individual treatment plans, that are the most suitable for a particular patient, never promise to do the impossible and never go beyond safety limits. Does it matters to You?

– We are highly specialized and have specialists of plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology. If we could not handle a problem, cooperation with the best surgeons worldwide gives the ability to search for a solution.

– Make yourself at home. Friendly and helpful staff, comfortable wards, exclusive attention – that is what you get. Our doctors and patients have choice to have surgery performed in two different clinics.  Be sure to have all necessary postoperative visits and medicine after the surgery to use in a hotel till your safe trip home. You are our concern from the moment of your arrival until leaving abroad and even while  being at home.

– Favorable price. We compete with qualified surgeons from the UK, so compare our prices to theirs but not those who have questionable results. You will see that our offered surgery package has the optimal balance in quality and price.

– Flexible dates, short waiting times. Skype/messenger/whatsapp consultation on week-end or after working hours? Having vocation in short time and plan a surgery on that time? That’s not a problem. Feel free to email us and we will check for possibilities.

You are individual with your own demands and wishes. If you entrust your body to us, we will try to make your future more beautiful. Believe or if any recommendations needed – be introduced to real patients.


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